Saturday, February 19, 2011

What tomorrow will bring.....

 (From November 2009)

I know that we never know what tomorrow will bring. For once, I know exactly what it will bring should life decide to keep me breathing for one more day. Tomorrow I will wake up and remember THIS:

At some point in my life I've mentioned that I might like to change the world somehow. I still haven't pinpointed exactly how I'll reach *the world*, a megaphone might just be my communication tool of choice- seems we as a society have problems with our hearing... OR, maybe we just have a problem with feelings. Maybe it's those pesky *expectations* that ruin it all. I don't know, and I'd venture a guess that while there are many opinions on what is wrong with the world, there sure isn't a lot of action on changing what's wrong with the world.

Here's my attempt at changing the world.... procreation. Yes, the amazing gift of pregnancy and the miracle of life. I said I wanted the OPPORTUNITY to change the world. How is it that I was gifted with THREE amazing opportunities to do so? Opportunity came to me in the form of children.

(DISCLAIMER: You obviously don't need to have children (or birth your own) to have a positive impact or make a contribution to the world. I was made from scratch to be a woman, daughter, wife, mother. I am honored to have those titles, however, it all started with being one thing- a life. If you have one, you have more power than you'll ever know. I just know THIS is how *I* was chosen to be. And well, this is my ramblings...)

What better way to contribute to the world, than offering to the world, no, scratch that.... offering to the UNIVERSE, three amazingly, powerful human beings? Do I think they are amazing already? I do. I see it in every breath they take, in every problem solving attempt they make and every raised chin in satisfaction when they've accomplished something THEY didn't think they could, but I assured them they would.

How I teach, guide, influence and carry on will mold these little peace makers in to an army of integrity, confidence, goodness and INFLUENCE. How I influence them will be a direct affect on how they influence others.

Will my children see weakness or power in me? I hope they grow to see the power in me, but also feel humbled enough to know that we are allowed to cry, have emotion, express fears and learn through mistakes.

Will my children choose to *bail* at the first sign of *tough times*? I hope they learn that our true warrior comes out in times where our base isn't so stable. I believe in you can't have dark without light, evil without good... You can't appreciate the good times until you've experienced the tough times. Perseverance is key.

Will my children choose to break down the weak or build up the weak? I hope that they've seen unselfish acts from not only me, but others they are influenced by. I hope that they realize that while a helping hand helps at that moment, their words will forever stick. I hope they choose to breathe life in to those falling down. I hope that they use the word *love* when ending a phone call with me AND when passing a stranger with his head down.

Will my children adopt the " you are a product of your misfortunes" or take responsibility for their fortunes AND misfortunes. I hope that they never fall victim to mistreatment in any form, but if they do, I hope that they realize the transfer of power, from the hunter to the hunted happens the minute they refuse to consider themselves victims.

Will my children get wrapped up in a title? I hope they find energy in being themselves. I hope they are able to disconnect from certain titles and get back to the root of their life. I hope as much as they give to others they will not forget themselves.

I know that tomorrow I will wake seeing the beauty of their souls and remember the power that I have as a woman/mother. I hope my daughter will see that she holds the same power and she will one day be called to execute it in some manner. I hope she knows her worth as a woman, I hope that if there is anything I do on this earth, it will be to show her what she deserves, which is everything, in life. I hope my boys will be true men and honor the women in their lives by treating them as a woman should be treated. I hope that we, as husband and wife, can show them the fruits of a relationship filled with honor, integrity, interest (there's one that isn't around anymore), respect and passion.

There are many hopes that I have for them, but all in all I hope they make a difference to someone. I will continue to mold my army of goodness and I hope the world is ready to receive them.

In the spirit of the Thankful month- I am THANKFUL for the opportunities I've been given with my children. My one true desire, fulfilled. I will not take for granted the lives entrusted to me. I will lead by example.

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