Sunday, June 13, 2010

The House: The short version.... errrr.... kinda.

I've been attempting to tell a short story since I was 5... but somehow or another I can't manage to tell a short, it's always REALLY long with alot of details.  I'll do my best here.  

We were due to close on June 2nd. My mom came into town to offer up support and help, in the tune of 10 days!  That's alot of help and alot of time.  June 2nd rolled around, no closing.  The tax credit and low rates have sent most lenders in to a tailspin trying to keep up.  Our mortgage guy worked his bum off to get us closed as soon as possible.  I know this because I received several emails in the 2am, 3am and 4am hours.  FINALLY- June 11th we closed on the home of our dreams. Mom left the next day. :/

(If you are here for the first time, I'll give you a brief (as brief as I get) history. We owned a home, our twins were born early, son diagnosed with Autism and my health started to give way.  We opted to sell our home, downsize housing, downsize our vehicles, downsize our life to be able to put any and all we could, financially and physically into Gavin, in hopes that someday Autism wouldn't hold him in the choke hold it was.  We were successful, very successful. It was time to move on.... That brings us to today.)

So, June 11th, we closed!  My mom, Kurt's mom, Kurt's sister and husband were there with us at the house the first night.  We pulled up pea green 40 year old carpet that honestly, was in AMAZING shape for it's age- but it was pea green nonetheless.  It revealed BEAUTIFUL hardwood floors.  They are in perfect condition and for now, they'll stay how they are.  We pulled out 10,456 staples too, the pile of metal was so big I seriously considered recycling. ;)

Here are the before and after pictures I have, (note: I am not a good photog):


After, as in: key were put in our hand, we sped over and pulled up carpet within 30 minutes:

Yep, told you. Amazing, huh?

That was the first night... Day 2 and 3 got even more interesting.... Stay tuned. :)


  1. You never cease to amaze me Deanna!!!

    Kristin Gurule


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