Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like a kitchen... err... Christmas!

Okay, truth be told.  From the OUTSIDE our house looks a wee bit like Christmas.  Got the "I'm gonna save the world with these ones!" obligatory (self proclaimed wanna be) treehugger LED lights, some red bows, cinnamon scented pine cones and beautiful wreath... all adorning the OUTSIDE of the house.

However, nothing and I mean nothing is says Christmas from the INSIDE. Like no Christmas tree or anything. Don't worry, it's going up this weekend and will likely be up through January!  However, I will say, it's beginning to look alot like we're on the verge of a kitchen.  :)

Warning, clearly we have ALOT to do and oh, I'd say about 14 days to do so.  Do not plan on being impressed by the next photo. :) However, please feel free to be impressed that I am still sane.... or at least as sane as I was(n't) prior to starting this.

 What's left?  Other than the majority of elements that contribute to a functioning kitchen? Funny you should ask...

  • Backsplash: to the tune of BEADBOARD!!!!! Woo to the hoo!  I love me some beadboard. Kinda like this:

  • Countertops: Template is done on Monday.  It would be brilliant of me to decide if we're just doing our island (larger sit at type of island) in granite and perimeter counters in butcher block or if all of it will be granite, and decide this all by Monday. This is the "nice" (ha ha) thing about doing this yourself, no one can stop you from last minute decisions/changes.  However, those people normally employed to do so will also be an asset in keeping you on track, discouraging last minute changes. Valuable stuff.  Anyhoo, 7 days after template we'll have the install.  Counter tops will be this (Virginia Jet Mist- was an easy choice!  Kurt has family from VA and my grandmas name is Virginia):

  • Open shelving: Figured out a fantabulous way to bring back the old.  Our shelves inside the original cabinets are the most beautiful slabs of pine and solid as all get out!  We found sweet suspension  cable brackets at the Container Store and will put those together to flank the stove/hood and to the right of the window.  I am impressed with their weight load and think it will work! Currently we have an upper cabinet "scheduled" to go to the right of the window... but if my diabolical plan works, it won't be there. Brackets are like this and we'll have our reclaimed/recycled walnut stained pine shelves:

  • Install the pro style hood Kurt found for a penny.  Yes, a penny.  Truth be told, it's a little more "worn" than I wanted, and I think some of that came from AFTER the purchase, but.... my life will go on.  I said from the beginning, I do NOT want a "gourmet" kitchen.  I want a lived in, utilitarian/slightly industrial, simple kitchen, with a cottage, vintage and schoolhouse flare.  Guess this goes towards the lived in part!  ;)
  • Sink: We're stuck on a 2 basin vs. 1 basin sink. I LOVE a large rectangular sink, no dividers. Right now that's winning.  That will be part of our counter top choice as our fabricator and friend is doing it for us, so come Monday, I can't turn back!

  • Cabinets: Cabinets have to be shimmed, secured to the wall and each other.  BUT, we're waiting on one filler piece so that is a weekend project right now... this weekend.
  • Pendent lights over island: I am looking for the POIFECT pair of pendants.  Thus far, to no avail.  So, for now, the wires are up in the ceiling, waiting to be paired with lighting and start the love fest of a lifetime lighting up our lives.  Looking for pendants like these, in our budget (read: CHEAP!):

  • Doors: because no kitchen remodel is complete without spilling out into the surrounding rooms, we took off doors, so we need to install some new pre-hung doors.  I think we'll end up with 6 panel doors, bleh.... but it is what it is.  :)   
  • Cabinet door hardware, like this:

  • A few here and there items. Deciding on "Butlers Pantry" deal in 2011. 
 Kurt and I installed floors this week.  Last week drywall was hung, finished (by a professional because I will say we all have our limits).  That took a lot longer than expected, so this week was flooring.  That was the most difficult thing we've handled to date.  Give us electrical, framing, plumbing, design, ect and I'd do that ALL over again before I lay floors.  I felt like a fought a war and lost.

Nonetheless, the floors are done, well, the kitchen is. We need to continue them into the entry way and powder bath.  Unfortunately we have opposing schedules this week and our progress is slow.  In the effort of transparency, our progress has been slow this ENTIRE time, but even slower lately.  That's what happens when you take two average joes/joettes who have an soft spot for this stuff, who've vowed to DIY or DIE for the sake of budget and in the interest "Let's see what we're capable of..." But, considering this was a budget friendly/cash only project AND our first full kitchen remodel, on our own, I am VERY proud of us.

Would I do it all over again?
I'm still working on that one.... I have a feeling the answer is yes, but as of last night it was a strong, unwavering NOPE.  But, a girl can change her mind, right?  And well, as of right now, I'd say with an strong voice, SIGN ME UP!

Stay tuned for the final reveal. 
By the way- MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.


  1. My daughter, my heroes! You two are somthin' else!!! Looks great, but I hope you aren't rushing because of us. Can't wait to see you and spend the holiday together, finished or unfinished kitchen. :) Mom

  2. Silly momma, we are of course rushing because of you! ;) But, that's a good thing. It's lit a fire under our bums! We've been super slow. It's all been here, in the garage. It will be done, livable. We might not have baseboards and a a door on the basement, but I know you guys don't care about that! ;) Love you! See you soon!

  3. you are doing an awesome job! looks A-MAZ-ING!! Keep up the good work peeps!


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