Thursday, August 19, 2010

Days Go By....

It's really amazing how quickly time flies... So, here's a recap of our last weeks including the first day of school!

Special Kitty. Nothing new with her except that she's taken to clawing faces on a semi regular basis. She is available if you find yourself in need of a independent kitty who doesn't need to be bothered with things like love.

 Kurt's channeling his inner monkey and living life in trees lately.....
But for good reasons!  Everyone loves a tree swing!

There was some skipping rocks along creeks.....
Brennon hanging on to EVERY word that Mikey says.... 
The Bean channeled her maternal instincts and pushed a stroller.  On the way home, after leaving Mike and the boys she RECONFIRMED she's not having kids. This might be the ONLY glimpse we see of it!  ;)
There was some hoola hooping at Little Man Ice Cream.  Our Little Man season is coming to a close here soon, though we've heard the soups they serve during the Fall and Winter are great- maybe this good thing doesn't have to come to an end!.
Ug, must he grow up?
Some reading time with Mrs.Greenhouse
It's very important to wear a bike helmet and gardening gloves when operating a saw.
There are many many words I could use to describe this but the words SO.STINKING.CUTE are the best! She made a pencil holder and loved every minute of it.
The boys worked on G's together. This definitely brought them closer together.
First day of Middle School!  If he continues at this pace, he's going to not be allowed in high school because he'll have surpassed the "good looking" threshold. I am not sure they are supposed to be this cute at this age.  School is as much of a challenge this year as it has been in any year, but this year he LIKES going to school. I'm so in love with him and committed to helping him find his way.
We watched as the neighbors released pink balloons to the birthday boy in heaven who passed away just before we moved on to the street.  We know we'll get to meet Drennen in heaven someday and until then we'll just enjoy the stories about him that we hear, sounds like a phenomenal kid.
We took a impromptu hike the day before the kids started First Grade.  Maxwell Falls is a place we've not gone and WHOA! We were sure missing something there!  It took us about 4 hours with the kids- it was rocky, a good incline and long, but they did it and we got back down very proud of the twins. Here are some more pics of that day....
It was a great day!
The first day of FIRST GRADE!!!!
The neighbor a few houses down had a pancake breakfast on the first day of school for all the Franklin Circle kids!  It was SUCH a great time, the kids loved it!
Jules and Gavin went for 2nd's/Kids from the 'hood!  
The walk begins... it starts at the top of the circle and grows until all kids are picked up and headed to school.
The kids happily posed for 452 pictures.  :) We're so blessed that these kids are our neighbors!  

All in all it was a good summer, though we're THRILLED to have a routine back in our lives with school. It's clear that this year will be a challenge for the boys, so as usually I'll be knee deep in helping them succeed, so please forgive me if I fall off the face of the earth, again!
  As you can see I included ZERO pics of the house.  That 's because I have ZERO to show you!  We decided that the kids summer shouldn't be ruined because Mom and Dad bought a fixer upper. Since they started school on Monday we have got SO much done, in comparison.  SO, the before and after pictures should start flowing here soon.  

Here's our TO DO list for the immediate future, as in now through the years end:
  • Plant greenery
  • Build Board and Batten Shutters
  • Paint front door 
  • Lay resilient flooring in our foyer and kitchen
  • Install baseboards, still deciding between 5" and 7".
  • Paint lower cabinets, "Mushroom"
  • Paint upper cabinets, "Cottage White", remove upper doors on cabinets
  • Find "unique" piece of furniture for kitchen island
  • Stain and Install butcher block island
  • Replace existing perimeter counter tops, sink, faucet
  • Install backsplash
  • Investigate soffits, remove if able, cry if not
  • Change lighting in kitchen, maybe pull ceiling to install can lights
  • Replace all appliances
  • Remodel most awkward powder bath
  • Install board and batten, almost everywhere
  • Paint: Living Room, Dining, Kitchen, Foyer, Powder, Den, Office, Upstairs Hall
  • Install woven wood roman shades
  • Complete kids rooms
  • Paint stairs and install "unique" railings
And THAT is it! ;)  We'll see where we get with the list.

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