Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rules! There are always rules!

Around these parts I have rules (just for myself, no one else really listens to them or better yet, they are making up their own rules). My Sunday rule is simple: Be happy!. Well peeps "I'm breakin the law, breakin the law!" errr, um should have been "breaking the rules". Sorry, just wanted to go all Bevis an...d Butthead for a minute. But, my point is, I'm not in a charming mood. Then I read this. (below)... saw the color and wa la! Snapped out of it. I reserve the right to change my mind on that one, even as soon as 20 minutes from now. But, as of this minute I'm good. Dear Sunday- Hello, fancy seeing you here. If you can promise my kiddos won't be so "kid like" today (just for a few hours even) I can promise you that I'll continue this utterly charming mood I am in. You gotta help a girl out. A girl that hasn't had a span of even 30 minutes to herself in a good long, long while. And it's not looking so good for next month either. So, whisper in their ear, if you will, this: "Your mom is running on empty. Smile at her more than you usually do. Don't fight with each other, just for today, she knows it's part of life. Give her 17 more kisses than normal and make sure you rub noses with her alot today. She won't tell you this, but she needs you as much as you need her. Things are changing in your family and she's doing her best to keep the boat steady for you."..... Thanks Sunday, I appreciate your help and can't wait for our day together. Love, Deanna

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  1. Dear Sunday - she's a great gal. I think you should give it a go.. and while you're at it -- can I hit ditto?! Hugs!


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