Wednesday, January 12, 2011

21 Days.........

Our church is doing "21 Days of Prayer and Fasting" and I thought I'd join in..... It started MONDAY January 10th, 2010

I've opted to "Fast" from the following:

Facebook- To my surprise, this has been easy and dare I say it, nice?  I've felt for a while now that Facebook is an avenue to enjoyment for sissies. Truly, who really has the nerve to look me in the eye and say HALF the stuff said?  Really? After all, I've sat in the same room as many of them and really, it seems like there is alot more "nerve" when making statements on Facebook then in person.  Maybe through this I will learn to take things "easier".   I will say that I fully intend to return to Facebook for the fact that I have 99.9% of my family a minimum of 1000 miles away and it's been a great way to be a "part of" their life. It's been priceless.

Caffeine- I've given up coffee... cold turkey. I had nothing short of 5 cups on Sunday and a big fat ZERO on Monday.... Which could/does explain my headache yesterday and Tuesday. Today I have actually felt more tired than ever, but I also know that will change... See, I've done this whole "no coffee" thing too. I DO agree that in moderation caffeine is actually a POSITIVE supplement to a diet. This I also WILL return to (I think), just in minimal amounts and ideally in the form of Green Tea.  My basis for this is the whole "artificial" and temporary fix it tends to be for me. I hope to seek out OTHER opportunities for energy and fulfillment through (more) exercise and prayer/meditation.

Meat- This was originally supposed to be a Daniel Fast, nothing but fruits and vegetables.  Basically a Vegan diet, with even more restrictions.  I made that choice Sunday night.  By 8:10 Monday morning I realized that being ill prepared for such a goal was a sure fire way to fail!  I had spent a full year a while back eating a vegetarian diet that often went vegan for a while. I enjoyed it, however I did learn that being prepared was the ONLY way to manage it.  Otherwise things like potato chips were quickly justified because well, it WAS vegetarian!  ;)  Once I got the whole diet in order it WAS good, great even spectacular at times.  However, Monday morning I was not prepared nor did I even have it in me to prepare.  So, no meat. And by no meat we all know I mean no bacon.  I can live without beef, chicken, turkey or most pork products, but I love me some BACON! Granted I didn't have bacon THAT often but knowing it's NOT in my current diet is making me want it more!  But, so far, so good. No meat since Saturday.  However I am loving the whole grains, legumes, fresh veggies and fruit and WATER, lots of WATER!

All in all I enjoy things like this.  Anytime I can challenge myself, physically or mentally, I'll take the opportunity.

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