Friday, January 22, 2010


PART ONE: Well, it begins. After being told a million times, "You should start a blog." here I am. I should mention that with each suggestion I'd tilt my head to the side like a little dog and say/think "Huh?" But, lately I've seen some benefit to it and thought NOW should be the time!

Why now you ask? Because "Operation: Move to the Suburbs" will be commencing shortly! This is not anything extraordinary, at all. Lots of people have moved to the suburbs, right? Right. I still wonder how many move to the suburbs kicking and screaming. But that story is for another day.... Anyhow, it's just been a super long road for our family. I'll attempt to somewhat condense the ever growing saga:

Mom, of worlds sweetest little boy, meets boy.
Said boy says "I am not gonna be a baby daddy."
15 months later single mom becomes married mom and boy retracts all previous statements and becomes super special step dad to awesome toddler boy.
10 months later mom finds that she's expecting.
1 month later mom finds that she's expecting twins.
2 months later mom is on bed rest full time.
At 24 weeks mom delivers twins weighing 1lb 5 oz and 1lb 9oz.
Sometime over the next 2 years mom and dad will find that baby boy is on the Autism spectrum and has chromosomal abnormalities, find out that oldest boy has a precancerous condition, learn that baby girl has developmental delays and that something is wrong with mom- other than the obvious fact that she's got 2 year old twins and a 6 year old.
Mom and Dad decide to give up everything, house/cars/liberty/security to provide for the boys everything we could. Sell beloved home which we completely remodeled. Move to town home.
In 2009, after 4 years of "what is wrong?" and being told by all too many "it's just stress" mom finds out she has a form of vascular disease affecting her brain and finds that stroke and seizure (no not names of future dogs) are at some point going to be prevalent in ways that aren't good and all too soon. Mom was 31 at time of diagnosis.
In 2009 in an effort to depart the ever shrinking town home that breathed life and opportunity in to our family, we write contracts on 4, yes 4 homes. In the end, none were right for us.
2010 Dad decides life is too short, we've kicked butt and taken names and are moving on. Dad mentions one late night, after a bout of tears he wants to give mom everything he can now, because he isn't sure how much time/quality time we'll have left.
Mom decides that NO ONE really knows what's next in life, but gets the gist and agrees, "Moving on and moving out!"

And here we are today! I'm doing as well as the doctors could have hoped and time is on my side. Most people with this illness are 60+. I've made radical changes to my life with many many more on my list of things to do. We can only hope that my diagnosis at 31 will be to my advantage.

Nonetheless we've decided to pick up the home search again. We've looked at old houses, new houses. I work up spreadsheets, cost benefit analysis', return on investment worksheets, and put pragmatic analytics to work making sense of anything and everything that we stepped foot in to. Being a family of 5 on one salary the older home quickly retreated from our grasp. Simply there is much to do and with that comes GREAT reward, but one must really have capital and well, where we DO have that, sometimes I think therapies, nutrition, medicine, treatment FAR out weighs new baseboards/new furnace/updated electrical/ect/. The in between old and new homes of today seem to be VERY exhausted. What ever happened to taking care of your home? Our parents parents generation lived in their homes for decades, if not life. They didn't buy "Starter Homes", they squeezed the family of 7 in to 900 square feet and felt the absolute joy of home ownership. Today, people move in and move up as quickly as Paris Hilton goes through boyfriends. I can't say I've only had one home either, but, simply put, due to divorce, illness, ect I've left the few I've had. Never by choice or because the house wasn't good enough and I'll search the ends of the earth to find THE ONE that we can enjoy until our kids have left us for greener pastures, if God allows.

It's apparent that EVERYONE has an opinion on what is right on this subject- all I ask is to do what is best for you AND to be educated on the subject- because, rest assured, I will. I'll do my thing that is all the while having a VERY open and subjective mind about it. All of it.

I started this blog to follow our home(re)buying experience and the updating, remodeling and fixing of said house! 

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