Friday, January 22, 2010


Ok! Got that out of the way... now on to the fun stuff. I named the blog The Domesticated Diaries simply because I GREATLY appreciate the definition of "domesticated"


–verb (used with object)
1. to convert (animals, plants, etc.) to domestic uses; tame. This I get. There was some MAJOR conversion.
2. to tame (an animal), esp. by generations of breeding, to live in close association with human beings as a pet or work animal and usually creating a dependency so that the animal loses its ability to live in the wild. Again, get it. Who would have thought that after I was given an awesome husband and amazing children that I would never be normal again, I'd lose my ability to return to life as I knew it before. And, much like Garfield would agree, why would I return to the wild when I've got all "this"?!?!
3. to adapt (a plant) so as to be cultivated by and beneficial to human beings. Well, I don't know how beneficial I am to human beings, I tend to think at times I could be hazardous to your health, but I do hope that my efforts will be beneficial to my children.
4. to accustom to household life or affairs. This is the point when you realize in life you are WAY more excited to go to Costco then Macy's- consider yourself accustomed to such domesticated life.
5. to take (something foreign, unfamiliar, etc.) for one's own use or purposes; adopt. I love the adopting of others beliefs, thoughts, feelings and blending them all together to make a family. I have said many times, the 5 of us bring something different to the table, individually, and that is a table I proudly sit at and say "Pull a chair up my friend!"
6. to make more ordinary, familiar, acceptable, or the like: to domesticate radical ideas. Here's the tricky part. I hope that I can make some thoughts, ideals more ordinary. Something along the lines of putting "work" aside for love. Enjoying life. Slowing down. Considering the environment. Considering your/our environment.

So, if it's domestic, or pertains the the domestication of Deanna, you'll find it here. Things I LOVE:

  • God
  • Deep thoughts
  • Food/Cooking/Healing our body with nutrition
  • Homes (inside out and up and down, I wanna chat about it)
  • Decor
  • Fitness
  • Animals
  • The oppressed
  • Children
  • Relationships
  • Weather
  • Nature
  • and a big ol list that is ever growing... you'll see.
I feel quite strongly this will be our journey of picking a home, picking a lot, picking our "details", building our home, moving into our home, decorating our home... all that with a sprinkling of the items in the above list. I love to share my thoughts, more so I love to hear the thoughts of others. Please feel free to comment and share!

Love to all.

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