Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trying again...........

If I haven't mentioned it already, we're addicts. If there is a meeting for people who obsessively look at homes, we should certainly consider joining them! I'm guessing well above 100 homes in this search for our next home alone. We even wrote contracts on a couple, walked from those because they weren't "right". At that point we started questioning WHAT exactly WAS right. I am pretty deeply rooted in the idea that outside of moral absolutes, really, anything I do in confidence and with good, well thought out intentions, for myself or family, can NEVER be wrong. Period. Especially since my choices are usually "research based" and very rarely based on "feelings".

If at some point those can be combined- HALLELUJAH!

Yesterday my "fact based" research AND my heart (at the same time!) delivered. A new home has been conceived and will be delivered sometime this summer. We chose a new home in Castle Rock, CO- a suburb south of the Denver Metro Area. If you know me my heart lies with older, well built, smaller homes. However, what lies before that is my family. If I had my way I'd put us in the poor house remodeling a home that has been abandoned and be smiling the entire way... until I realized I ruined us.... Thankfully Kurt is close by to remind me, as well as my trusty worksheets showing me EXACTLY how much my dream home (or worst nightmare) will cost me in the END. That # is uber important. And, if you remember, we're up against some hefty health concerns, security is a very important element. The "ease" of it all doesn't hurt things either!

We had a little list of "must haves", however, we were pretty open to any ideas and figured we'd be led to the right place. Being close enough to the "big city" so that we can continue to enjoy all that it has to offer was very important. Being far enough a way so that we can breathe deep and enjoy the outdoors was also very important. Being surrounded by other young families was a criteria. Good schools, historical and proven positive return on investment exclusive to the area, adequate bedrooms ABOVE ground, updated/replaced mechanical fixtures, solid, ect.... BUT, being close to Brennon's "other" home was the MOST important thing. There obviously other factors, but those were big ones.

We have gone this route before, exactly the same route, but decided the new home wasn't what we needed/wanted. Stepping back really allowed us to see what we had regarding the investment and after looking at some (a million) other homes that were down right FALLING apart... well. It was clear. Thankfully we've been a little flighty regarding the experience.... once we decided that Castle Rock WAS the right place, the builder had recently introduced a new model that I am SURE was mispriced. I didn't mention it to them, but I am more than sure they'll have a 20% price increase overnight. Hurry, go get yours before they figure it out! :)

We chose a lot on a cul de sac that is super close to the elementary school, park, tennis courts and hiking trails. We also chose to go with a smaller lot, specifically one that will be terraced and allow us to create more of a lush courtyard feel with lots of hard scapes in many different materials. We'll have a little privacy, or as much as you can get in the burbs, but are happy we'll only have one house on one side of us, no one behind and no one on the other side. There will absolutely be fast growing hybrid trees planted on the "neighbor" side. Since the amenities were literally a stones throw away, (like really close) we opted to allow the community to water, maintain and provide us with area to run and the kids to play! We love a great courtyard and are pretty excited about it!

Anyhow, yesterday we signed our contract, will put together our interior finishes in the next month or so and then we'll sit and wait and wait and wait. Oh joy. Wanna see me in agony?!?!?! It's coming people, it's coming.

Our home will reside here! We'll go from the marker to the left (wrapped in orange), to the fence on the right and across the back from the corner to the 2nd post from the end on the left. For whatever odd reason, we like pie shaped lots. Something about it!

So, because my doc said to, I am going to start journaling about important things in life. For myself, for my children. I don't know that he meant BLOGGING.. but I am going to take it as that! ;) It's hard to think that (before my time) facts, memories, ect will escape me. I love the written word, I love pictures... they are a snap shot of a time in our life. So, I am going to document every step this journey so that when the memories escape me all I have to do (if I can remember to! haha) is look back! I figured it would be a great way to keep our family updated on everything too! :)

UPDATE: Since this post was written we moved lots..... So, as great as it was, this is not it.  :)

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