Monday, February 8, 2010

Manic Monday

Well, let's see, this last week I obsessed over dirt.  The LOT for our new home was certainly at the top of our list, we got it, signed on it and can move on!  I'm going back to my roots on "white kitchens".... I love what we put together for our new home, but wonder if we'll tire easily of it.  When we were early in our relationship we found that we both LOVE white kitchens.  It's been more than a decade for me and occasionally I think MAYBE I can drift away to the beauty of wood tones in a kitchen, then something triggers in me and BAM! (Emeril style) I am back to my love of white kitchens!  So, it's starting again.

This week is full of parent teacher conferences.... wish us luck! :)

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