Friday, February 5, 2010

My Dream...........

Okay... there are realistic dreams and there are unrealistic dreams.  Duplicating this kitchen EXACTLY is unrealistic.  Getting this "feel" on my budget, realistic. 

Building our current home on 5 acres is unrealistic.  Building our home on the bigger flatter lot that we were HOPING would come available- REALISTIC!  YAY!  They called, we can have the lot we wanted!  By locating our home there it secured us a little bit more space, a lot more usable space and a different roof- concrete tile with a lifetime warranty! 

We're thrilled.  While it will put us back a few weeks, we'll still make it in by the end of June. 

In the meantime, I want the above kitchen.  I "get" that Carrera marble is not in my future, which, even if it were, I couldn't stomach it right now with 3 kids and myself being the messiest cook known to man.  Would make about the same sense as Donald Trumps comb over.  So, I love the color here, grays, whites, browns, stainless, ect.  I'll figure it out, somehow.  :)

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