Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh, kill me now.

Okay, to make a really long story not nearly as long as a typical Deanna story can be...... Our builder has several series of homes in our "neighborhood".  Of course those range in size and price.  We originally were going to build in a certain area in a certain series.  We ended up cancelling that and moving "down" one series.  We cancelled that one too and then looked at pre existing homes, woke up, especially when our favorite sales person through the builder called and said "You HAVE to see this new model!".  They took us back because, well, who wouldn't in this market?

Today, when we went down to add a media cabinet to our contract our sales person extrodinaire, Melanie informed us that our current model will be moved up to the "higher" series, thus being able to build our model on completely different lots.  Most of these lots we're not enough for us to move, but ONE was just enough to throw a loop in our plans.  It's bigger, flatter, more usable.  The catch, the lot is LESS money than our current lot. However, when the house gets "moved" to the bigger series, it will cost more.  Not a ton more, but more.  But we like the lot more.

Who knows.  We may be moving before we even break ground.  Gotta throw the ol wrench in every once in a while. Keeps things interesting and "saucy"!  :)

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