Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I think homes can be beautiful with out "extras".  It's the little things like door hardware or back splash that  I think of as "lipstick"!  A beautiful face is a beautiful face- put a little color (no one color in particular) and wa la!  It's just a little more finished or made up.  Like lipstick, you can go for high impact or a more subtle look.....

So, today I am trying to finish up our last selections in the kitchen- it boils down to cabinet hardware.  This subject is a hard one for me.  I think it can take you in one extreme direction or solidify the look you were going for.

We've managed to argue our way through the whole thing and wa la.  Decided on Kurt's #1 pick- SS bar pulls like you see here:

I'll admit, it wasn't my first choice as I see them EVERYWHERE- but I certainly don't dislike them by any means.  I DO like them.  I just OBSESS  worry about trends and longevity of things.  BUT- like the back splash- these are "replaceable" if we tire of them one day.  Which doesn't have to happen!  And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when Kurt gets something that he wants.  :)  We try to narrow things down- he likes/I like/we like.  We will pick heavily from the "We like" category, but make sure to add a few of the other two!

So, we're done.  We've finished off our choices and now it's just a "Hurry Up and Wait" song and dance.

Our pre-construction meeting is on the 16th.  :)  Very excited.  We'll walk the lot with the builder and get to see our plot plan- how our home will sit.  We're thinking that we'll be higher than the neighbor and our fence will be a bit "low"- (enter groan here).  Life will go on.  We have some ingenious ideas on how to make things private.  Well, private according to the burbs.  :)

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