Thursday, March 11, 2010

Followers? Really?

Thanks to those who emailed me. I wasn't convinced that anyone really followed this blog, regardless of my stat counter email said!  :) It didn't occur to me that people OTHER than friends or family might actually follow, so I didn't mean to leave you in the dark my bloggy world friends!  Yes, all is well here on the home front!

Zee home is on zee market.  It isn't fun.

I know many of you have sold a house, or two or seven.  It's just constant upkeep.  You never know when someone will want to see it RIGHT NOW!  It's been a week, we've had 2 showings and have 2 more scheduled for today and tomorrow.  Feedback has been good, size just seemed to be the barrier.  I can't blame them, it's not a huge townhome, but it is ENOUGH for the right person.  We'll see.  If it doesn't sell, sounds like my mom and Bob will rent it out.

We're knee deep in Home Audio choices... our home comes wired with some cool stuff, other stuff we can add.  Kurt's in heaven, I'm trying to figure out comparisons.  :)

Good stuff. 

The special kitty ate my camera cord.  I have a BILLION pictures to put up...but.....  OH, and the laptop got a virus.  I'm on the notebook with itty bitty keys.  It's rather frustrating!

All is well with house- have our precontstruction meeting next Tuesday!!!!

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