Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Burbs. No mas.

If you scroll down a few posts... go ahead, I'll wait.

Great, you're back... Well, if you were there, for real, you would have read all about the beautiful hole we were anticipating as our basement. It was a great home, with a lot of touches of us thrown in. It was in a area that is chock full of families, good schools and new homes mixed with a quaint area of old, known as Downtown Castle Rock. We were excited about the prospect of being part of the area, making it our own.

Why all this "had", "was", "were" talk?

Well, the "Operation Move to the Suburbs" has been cancelled. Don't get me wrong, we're not moving to a loft in the city by any means. And I do realize that we're just possibly moving to a version of the suburbs circa 1960's.

Why you ask? Well, simply a choice in the direction for Gavin's benefit, our souls and the overall well being of our family. I am nothing if I am in doubt of a decision I've made. I spent many a night wondering if we were doing the right thing for Gavin, when the budget crunches came up, when the teacher made the first of many calls it was like LIFE was knocking on my door with two trays, under one was "The assumed safe road" the other was "The road less traveled, yet, familiar to us". Both carried a promise of joy, all in it's own way.

But, one had a smidgen of surety that I can't express. It is mainly over the school opportunity. There are just schools that are known for a certain approach to kids like Gavin. Gavin isn't extreme by any means. However, we're still in a window of opportunity with him. We can still go either way. Many a time I've heard a parent speak of their child at this age, they backed off, assuming all was going well, and BAM! it all came crashing down in 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade.....

We're just not interested in seeing a crash. And it's not to say that we would be if we continued the course we were on. At all. But if WE are confident in our choices we make for our children, our children will be confident in us- it creates unity, peace, harmony- all things that are imperative to our home life, if not any ones home life.

The school district is an amazing one, top of the line, for sure. However, one size does not fit all.

As of right now we've walked away from our contract and decided that we'll focus on one particular area that offers up a trio (elementary, middle, high) of schools that we feel is a good fit for our kids, not just Gavin. It's undetermined if Brennon will continue where he's at or not, but we're working on it!

We'll refocus on our old area, Southglenn/Arapahoe High. We're not sure where we're headed although we have some good ideas and it may or may not include pea green carpet and original 1960's kitchens.

We're excited, we really are. We're always at peace with our choices when they are made with my two favorite things- heart and gut. And heart and gut is what we'll proceed with.

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