Saturday, May 8, 2010

Psst! I've been hiding something!

So, I have to tell you something. I've been kinda protective of it, kinda momma bear like. Maybe it's because we've had so many things "fall apart on us lately. Maybe it's because I don't believe it's true. Maybe because regardless of how true it is, I am more than sure it will be pulled out from underneath me.
Here it goes.  I'm in love. 
Crazy, I know.  Especially coming from a woman who's been married for a while.
Well, I'm in love with a stripper.  No, just kidding.  I am in love with pea green carpet.  No, seriously. Not kidding. I am.
It actually comes "free" with the purchase of a 1967 home.  And as a bonus gift we get an original 1967 kitchen.  Yes, just one month ago we were hootin and hollerin about a brand new kitchen, head to toe- everything new, everything pristine, everything..... working?  (enter record scratch here....)
Yes, we're under contract (again) on a home. This time i'ts not a beautiful new home, it's a old home.  One that was indeed, well loved, well taken care of and well..... old.
There is something about the "old" ones we like.  Maybe I finally see what those young boys see in "Cougars".  Experience, wisdom, to fuss, no expectations..... 
I see an old house and I have no expectations.  It is just what it is until I put my mark on it. My mark is my brand. My brand is my soul.  If you know me, you know this is a (nother) dream come true.  I am fortunate to have the husband and children I have. I am lucky to have the family and friends I do. I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to be here, at home, with my children. I am honored to have a husband that values my desires and wants nothing more for me then to be happy.
I want so much for our family.  I could make that "so much" happen in an 100 square foot tent.  Or I could make it happen in a brand new home.  I can also make it happen AND bring to life/reality our dreams. 
we found a home, we love it, it's not pretty right now, but it's pretty right for us.
We've passed inspection, inspection objections and now it's on to appraisal.  We are hopeful all continues to go well.  If it does this blog will QUICKLY  have a purpose. It will have a direction, that direction will be the remodel and update of our 1967 home.
Wish us luck!

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