Saturday, December 4, 2010

You Snooze, you lose... Well, not in this case!

I've kinda been snoozing lately... Just not how you think!  Sometime late September I got a little job at Snooze, an AM eatery.  :)  Because nothing with a family is little, it's not so little.  But, it's fun.  It's a perfect "MOM" job, a few days a week, I am home hours before the kids are out of school and occasionally work one weekend day, which so does Kurt so our weekends have NEVER been coveted like most peoples.  We do alot of Tuesday night things when "normal" families do their Saturday things.  It works for us and we're happy with that.  I say that because it's amazing how many people are NOT okay with it.  To each his own, but the key word be OWN- their own is proabably different than our own and that is ALLLL okay with us!

Anyhow, Snooze is a great place.  They are committed to running a very sustainable business and actually make massive attempts (and are massively successful) to reduce their footprint on the earth.  They are "different" and that is what brought me out of restaurant retirement.  I hope you'll try us out someday for what I believe is OUT OF THIS WORLD food!  There are sometimes 1.5-2 hour waits on the weekends.... this has always been the case for any other Snooze here, so we're just happy the new store is able to carry on the "It's worth the wait" traditions.  And, it's not ALWAYS 2 hours... but that gives you an idea, there are about 700 people who were willing to wait between 20-115 minutes for pancakes, dreamy benedicts, tasty eggs and amazing coffee.... there's SOMETHING about it!  :)

Anyhow, there is my shameless Snooze plug..... I'm enjoying it. It's been a huge transition for the family, totally slowed down the whole kitchen remodel project and kicked my hiney in to gear in the 4 and 5 am hours... but these are all good things.  I waited for a while to start this, and they say "Good things come to those who wait...." and indeed it did.

Love and Peace...

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