Sunday, November 7, 2010

Does God give us what we can handle, or what we can't?

They always say that God only gives us what we can handle.  What if He give us what we can't, only so we'll turn to Him? It seems that when my faith is STRONGEST I'm given difficult challenges and am forced to dig deeper into our relationship.

I see now what Dave Ripper, the teaching Pastor at church today, meant by ORIENTATION=>DISORIENTATION=>REORIENTATION. What if my health concerns were only meant for good, the greater good and this is my REORIENTATION? What if the lack of certain memories/any memory was His way of healing? What if having little or no memory one day was better than remembering that one day? While it sounds terrible to me, He's the only one that can see in my heart and is willing and ABLE to fix it- and this was His answer. What if my defining moment has already been and it did force me to live my life forever different? Am I honoring that moment? The same moment(s) I've tried to ignore for so long?

Like many questions I have, this is one I'll be stewing over for a while. 

But, I think the old saying "God only gives us what we can handle.", might not actually be the case- at least not for me.

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