Thursday, January 20, 2011

So far this is a cake walk.....

I really thought 21 days without Facebook, meat or caffeine would be alot harder.... however, it's not been hard at all. Except that one time I fixed my breakfast sandwich with bacon, dove in and realized I wasn't supposed to be eating meat....  Either I am growing some sort of tolerance or just maybe my faith has a little to do with it?

It's made me realize that I can lean on something other than the worldly offerings of relationships, certain foods, dependencies, ect. 

I don't see Facebook, meat, caffeine as evil.

Matter of fact it's been the opposite for me, it's just a few things I knew I could give up and "feel" the desire to go running down the road screaming "Come back, come back!"  I could have given up alot of things that aren't part of my day- TV, sweets, soda, ect... But I don't drink soda that often, can go days without laying eyes on the boob tube (sorry to all those who ended up on my blog because you searched the web for "boob". This isn't about that.) or given up sweets, something I might have once a month.  I wouldn't FEEL those.  I'd feel my choices and I figure this is about not only a mental challenge, but a physical one too.  

We end our challenge/commitment on the 30th. I'll write about my experience or maybe I won't... Haven't decided, but what I have decided is that I am stronger than I thought, but not yet convinced I am as strong as God knows I am.

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