Thursday, February 18, 2010

Complete and total confusion!

Have you ever been SO exhausted from being SO confused?  :)  That is where I am right now. It doesn't look pretty on me.

Just trying to decide counter tops.  You wouldn't think it would be that hard.  However, we ultimately don't want to go too yellow, would prefer more "gray" based stuff, however, don't want to create a cold environment.  I want to add "greige" (Gray and Beige mixed if you didn't pick that up!) rather than GRAY or BEIGE individually.  However, there is a point where all of our choices meet: carpet, cabinets, wood floors, countertops. SO, I feel like they need to go together.  Well, the carpet I am finding through the builder doesn't give me a gray based beige or greige option.  :( Sad day in DeannaLand.

I love a light gray or white countertop with white cabs.  But, do you have to "match"?  Couldn't they really conflict with each other?  Ug....


See, like that!
Shouldn't be too hard, right???

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