Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Monday man, it's Monday.

This week we began preparing our current home to be put on the market.  A few years ago my mom and step day bought a town home for us to rent out while we went in to attack mode with Gavin's autism diagnosis.  Now, we're/they're ready to sell!  YAY.  What? No yay?  I know, it's scary in this market but it has to be done.  We've moved out everything anything that wasn't needed for daily use.  I think we underestimated what we use on a daily basis.  At this point the kids have nothing left to play with...Yet we expect them to find something to do while it's 1 degree outside and schools out! Ooops. :)

Nonetheless, we're in staging mode.  I REALLY enjoy this, alot.  I love getting homes to a point of just enough, not too much.  But, it happens every time, I wonder why we can't live like this all the time?  Oh, I know, I know- it's not realistic.  But it's SO purty!

Wish us luck. I'll post some staged pics here soon! Oh, and the model is ALSO very close to being done. I LURVE (TDC style) it!

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