Sunday, February 14, 2010


Whew!  I have a confession to make.  I don't remember ALOT of things.  Like this blog for example.  It occurred to me tonight "Oh yeah! I started a blog!"  :)  What ALSO occurred to me is that it is/was (all day long folks!) Valentines Day!  When I remembered this I channeled my inner Yiddish person and could only profess- OY VEY!  At 6:45pm all you can really do is laugh about it.  :)  Juliana has been giving us Valentines for about 2 weeks, so when she showed up on the side of my bed in all of her smiling glory and presented me with a Valentines Day card I certainly didn't see this as "out of the norm"!  So- Happy Love Day. 

Something else that has been playing the sneaky bandit is my roots (no- not the ones on my head!), my one non human love, my basis of decor joy..... You see, sometimes I try to go outside my comfort zone.  It's dark out there!  There are strange sounds and something keeps tugging at my feet!  Why go?  Well, I don't know.  Where did I go?  To the dark side.  The dark kitchen cabinet side.  It really is a beautiful place to visit, but really, I can't put down my roots there. It's really like so many things in life.  There is a market for it.  Millions of people love a kitchen with beautiful dark, rich wood.  And man oh man, did I love the kitchen we put together.  However, it's just not home.  I appreciate the beauty in ANYTHING someone puts in to their home.  What I love about it the most is that they are surrounded by things they love.  Things that make them feel "at home".  So, whatever that is, CARRY ON! 

I put together a beautiful kitchen with dark woods for our new home.  It was gorgeous!  It still is. But what it is not is MINE. It's just not right for me/us. One thing that isn't going to get old is my love of white kitchens. I've loved them (or whatever variation of a white kitchen is "in"- it's not your same white kitchen anymore) for a decade and a half- at least!  I remember about the time I was getting my drivers license it started- shoot for that matter I remember looking at model homes as a kid with my mom and always liking the white kitchens....  Give me a Christopher Peacock white kitchen and watch me squeal!

Christopher Peacock-esque kitchens!

Now, a CP kitchen is a six figure kitchen.  I may or may not have that in my budget. (Giggle) The pics you see in the link do not resemble the size or "level" of kitchen I'll have.  :)  Just getting that out of the way..... However, the general feel isn't difficult to achieve, lots of basic design rules applied there.  Rules I get, rules that sit well with me, rules that define me. 

So... I/we're moving on, or back, back to our "roots" that is.  White kitchen- here we come!

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