Thursday, May 20, 2010

5 had nothin on 6! Juliana and Gavin's Well Care exam

Juliana and Gavin are taking the world by storm! :) 

Today they had their 6 year well care visit with the one and only, Dr. Brian.  We started seeing him recently with Brennon and well, he's "my people".  We're so fortunate to be surrounded by such awesome docs, sometimes it just takes a little bit extra to find them!

Anyhow, I'll start with Gavi.

Gavin Joseph: Weight- 48lbs (up 7.5 lbs from last May) which is 50th percentile for weight He is 46.75 " (up 3.5" from last May), which is the 60th percentile for height. He has 'perfect vision' and a healthy blood pressure of 86/50.   

Dr. Brian was happy to hear (from Gavin's own mouth ;)) his favorite meal- Chicken from the BBQ with squeezed lemon and pepper on it, broccoli and cous cous.   He also told Dr. B that he likes to drink water and sometimes, not alot I let him have a soda.  (I often wonder if he's listening... guess so!)  Obviously Dr. Brian is happy with his diet. I did share that they occasionally get "McPukes" but he said "As long as that's not what he says his favorite meal is- I'm good."

Gavin will see a Pediatric Gastroenterolgist here soon, likely, Dr. Stathos (B's doc) for his apparent reflux issues.  With more than one documented case of Barrett's Esophagus in our family, I will NOT mess around. So, hopefully this summer we've got him in for a scope and on appropriate meds.    

Dr. Brian is going to help us with some "Self Hypnosis" (yes, I am that kind of mom) with Gavin regarding his nighttime bladder issue.  He's still young and a boy- so it's not odd that he's going still pottying at night.  But, if it doesn't subside later this summer, we'll give "Self Hypnosis" a try. Might give it a try for attention/behavior stuff too.

So, all in all, he looks good. Ears, throat, eyes all checked out. No tonsil issues and says he looks like a very healthy boy.

Juliana Irene: Weight - 34.5lbs (up 3 lbs from last May) which is under the 3rd percentile. She is 42" (up 3" from last May), again, under the 3rd percentile. She has 'perfect vision' and a healthy blood pressure of 94/58.

Juliana shared with Dr. Brian her favorite meal is  "cous cous and vegetables" and that she LOVES watermelon (which is good- we just planted some! And sometime in August we'll have a ton of it. Can you say Watermelon Granita??!?!).  

Juliana will see the ENT here soon.  We've had some concerns with her heart rate while sleeping and seems to have apena spells.  He checked her out and found that while her heart rate was good today, what we've described and based on what he sees with her tonsils (not large, but adenoids probably are) sounds like Sinus Arrhythmia.  Once she sees the ENT, he/she could refer us to a Cardiologist if things don't get better immediately.  But, in the mean time she'll probably need her adenoids removed.  They do everything they can to NOT remove tonsils these days, so we hope the adenoids do the trick.  I asked if her weight could be related to a possible heart issue, he said "Without a doubt and considering there is concern with the apnea and snoring- it's very likely there is something there affecting her weight." So I do hope we get some answers there so my heart can rest easy.

All in all she looks good, healthy, just small- but well proportioned, which as Dr. Brian puts it, is far more important that her weight or height.

SO- to sum it up- they look good and are on the right track!

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