Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Try to stop me! No seriously, please, try to stop me!

Just when things get comfortable I like to spice it up a bit. I wish I'd stick to the staple "spices", but my version of spice comes in the form of "chaos". I have hopes that my first triathlon isn’t chaotic, but if you pair it with everyday life around here- it might resemble something that looks  a wee bit ALOT like chaos!

I am going to race in the Tri For A Cure this year. Every year the Susan G. Komen Foundation organizes a triathlon to raise awareness and funds to contribute to finding a cure for breast cancer. As you might know, I have many family members who’ve been affected by breast cancer.  SO- this seemed like a fine inaugural race to join in on.  I’ve “eyed” this particular one for a while.

I’ll be racing in memory of:

My Granny, My Nana (though she didn't pass until her 90's she battled breast cancer earlier in her life), Vesteen (next best thing to a Grandma) and my "Aunt" Vicky.

I’ll also be racing in honor of the ladies who are survivors:

Mimi, Aunt Shanna, Aunt Margie and Aunt Connie

I’m scared, excited, anxious and overall inspired! While I’ve always been a fairly active person, enjoyed strength training, running, sports, ect- a RACE is not something I’ve ever thought I’d do.  Just not "my thing". But lately, “my thing” has been in a wee bit of a makeover stage, shall we say….

The whole point of any race is to TRY to win, right?  Well, I am changing the rules, just for me.  My point of this race is to FINISH. Period.  I’ll be swimming a 750 meters, biking 11.4 miles and running 3.1 miles.  That makes this girl laugh, well, because I’ve never attempted a race of any of these single events! But, if I can do these things individually then surely, with training, I can do all three. Matter of fact, I am sure I'll be a world famous triathlete before you know it!

Just kidding. Kinda.

This is certainly a *bucket list* thing. Susan and I talked about this hypothetical list not long before she passed away- I can still hear her say "Girl, then do it! Do all the things on the list. You better!" So, I am.  But it's also something I want to prove to MYSELF. My health concerns do one of two things, make me want to lay down and give up OR get up and stare it in the face and say "NOT NOW. This is MY time. You can wait." And what a fine way to make my latter point. Regardless of how much I enjoy it or hate it, if I skip across the finish line or if they have to drag me, I’ll be very proud of my accomplishment and hope that this is another entry in my book on building a legacy that my children will be proud of one day.

So, because I am a special blend of crazy I am adding "Triathlon" to my summer menu. On top of kids, therapies, sports, remodeling a home, joining the Junior League of Denver, my extended volunteering plans, and a few other little surprises in there, like after the race I hope to start training for a fitness competition, again (shhh!)... crazy mama, say what??? Until then I'll stick to the summer menu and knock this one out of the park!

If you are SO inclined, I am fundraising for the Susan G. Komen Foundation (click on the link below and you'll be taken to my donation page). No amount is too small and I promise to honor your donation in every stroke, stride or peddle. Thank you in advance! 

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